Which Legal Documents Need a Courier?

The internet has made sending documents, photos, and videos easier and faster than ever before. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or actually speak to anyone on the phone for that matter, and your email is delivered in a matter of seconds. There are even sites made for digital signatures, eliminating the need to arrange a meeting just for signing a paper.

However, even with our new, speedy technology, certain documents cannot be sent online or through email and require a courier to deliver them in person.

Let’s take a look at which legal documents must be delivered by a courier:


Your first passport is an essential and personal document that cannot be sent or signed digitally. Original signatures must be used for the application; therefore, a digital copy through email would not be valid. A courier would be needed to transport your passport safely between locations.

Wills and Estate Forms

Like a passport, documents and forms surrounding your estate will need to be the original copies. This is for legal reasons, and in some instances, a photocopy or email regarding a will or estate may not be accepted. Although it would be easier to attach the document in an email and send it to multiple recipients to sign them digitally, wills and estate forms must be taken individually from person to person and signed. We offer a fast and reliable courier service, so there is no need to worry when the papers are out of your hands.

Immigration and Other Trackable Documents

If you plan a big move to a new country, there will be lots of forms, signatures, and documents involved. In a scenario like this, it can be potentially risky to send so much personal information through email that isn’t 100% safe from being intercepted and stolen. Alongside immigration forms, any confidential documents that could be traced or used for identity theft have the risk of being compromised when sending through email. Although it may not be required to be sent in person, for security and comfortability reasons, we recommend looking into a courier for these papers.

Wanner’s Transport and Delivery offers nonstop expedited shipping and overnight delivery specifically for urgent materials, so you can rest assured that your documents will always arrive on time and secure. Contact us for more information about our sprinter delivery service or to book your courier today!