What Is Last Mile Delivery? Everything You Need to Know

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These days, consumers expect fast and reliable delivery service every time they shop online from logistics companies. As a result, retailers and last-mile delivery companies must offer consumers multiple options for shipping and affordable last-mile delivery rates. But what does last-mile delivery mean?

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What Is Final Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery, or final mile delivery, refers to the last step of the delivery process when a parcel moves from its transportation hub or warehouse to its final destination. The final destination is the customer’s doorstep, usually a residential or commercial location.

This final mile is the most critical step in the delivery process, and the one businesses want to ensure is as quick and efficient as possible. The last mile is vital to achieving high customer satisfaction but is typically the process’s most time-consuming and costly stage.

mile delivery services

What Are the Steps in the Last Mile Delivery Process?

To understand why last-mile delivery is essential for cost-effective shipping, it helps to learn the steps in this particular stage. There are five critical steps in the last-mile logistics of the delivery process. 

  1. A customer places an order, which gets entered into a centralized system. 
  2. The order gets shipped to the transportation hub before delivery to its final destination.
  3. A delivery driver receives the order based on the most efficient delivery route.
  4. Transportation hub staff scans the order before loading it onto the delivery vehicle.
  5. The delivery driver transports and delivers the order to the customer and provides proof of delivery. 

Each step of the last delivery stage presents its own set of potential challenges. Therefore, it’s critical for a business to optimize this part of the delivery process to prevent any possible issues. 

What Is the Last Mile Challenge?

Businesses face many challenges in the last-mile delivery process. Customers expect quick delivery times for order fulfillment. A potential last-mile problem includes options for possible delivery routes, various delivery driver skill levels, different truck capacities, and more. 

Customer expectations for fast delivery are high, so businesses can’t afford to disappoint their buyers. On the other hand, a poor customer experience can result in lost future purchases, so many companies absorb the total cost of delivery to keep their customers happy.

Additionally, final mile delivery costs account for more than half of the shipping cost of an order. Businesses usually cover about one-quarter of the costs, but last-mile delivery charges can significantly increase due to supply chain issues.

How Can You Lower Last-Mile Delivery Costs?

Given companies’ numerous challenges with the last-mile delivery stage, optimizing the process can help them cut shipping costs. A fleet of delivery management solutions is one way to optimize the last mile. 

This technology can support the entire shipping process while freeing up employees for other tasks. Here are some ways the right technology can help to optimize your last-mile logistics.

Technology for Optimizing Last-Mile Delivery

An advanced route planner automatically includes factors that may affect delivery times. These circumstances include vehicle capacity, traffic, weather conditions, and more to find the most efficient routes.

A fleet management solution can help your business keep track of service time, distance traveled, customer feedback scores, and other data points. In addition, it enables you to target areas for further optimization and improvement.

Two-way communication allows customers to receive real-time updates from the delivery driver. Recipients can provide instructions or coordinate with the drivers to minimize the risk of a failed delivery.

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