Couriers vs. Traditional Mail: Going Beyond Standard Shipping

Couriers vs. Traditional Mail? Every business requires equipment and supplies, usually on a delivery basis so no pickup is required. Whether you are on a consistent routine or forgot to order a certain item and need it in a pinch, Wanner’s Transport & Delivery is here for all your scheduled or last-minute delivery and shipping needs!

Couriers vs. Traditional Mail

24/7 Flexible Courier Service

Whether you are a construction company that needs more material than anticipated or a mechanic that doesn’t have the correct parts, it’s comforting to know you have a 24-hour emergency courier service you can count on. Unlike standard mail, we work overnight and weekend hours to ensure you get your delivery when you need it. Ordering online through a shipping service can take multiple days to arrive — we provide same-day delivery and can show up at your door in a matter of hours.

A Diverse Fleet to Accommodate Various Needs

When you order something through a website or local post office, you expect your package to be secure with no broken or missing pieces, but that is never 100% guaranteed. Wanner’s Transport & Delivery offers four different trucks specific to what is being transported to you. For small, delicate packages, the cargo van courier service delivers them fast and undamaged. We have a flatbed truck for large, heavier deliveries, a sprinter truck just for urgent mail and packages, and a box truck for everything in-between. No matter the item, you can expect a safe and secure journey to your premises.

Speed and Reliability

Regardless if you are running your own HVAC business or the head of a major corporation, you have a lot on your plate already — so why add a trip to the post office to the list? We have over 25 years of reliable, professional experience delivering your items efficiently. Shipping packages through standard mail can be costly, especially when you need it as soon as possible. We work with you and your business to come up with a plan that is accurate and achievable, so you’ll never be breaking the bank for the items you need. Easy-to-use package tracking also provides you with real-time estimates of when to expect your delivery, so there is never confusion or worry that your package is lost amongst other mail.

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