4 Benefits of Flatbed Truck Delivery

If you’ve been wondering how to transport your cargo in a standard box truck or tractor-trailer, you aren’t alone. As convenient as box truck services are, sometimes you have to face the fact that your cargo simply isn’t the right shape, size, or weight for these services to be practical. So what do trucking industry professionals do in these situations? They use flatbed trucks! There are many different types of flatbed trucks, but they all have similar applications. 

Easier Transportation of Goods

If you’re like most people in the United States, chances are high that you’ve traveled behind a flatbed truck bearing an “OVERSIZE LOAD” banner at one point or another. That’s because flatbed trucks are perfect for oversized loads. Whether you’re transporting oddly shaped furniture or massive pieces of construction equipment, flatbed trucks are a lifesaver if your cargo doesn’t fit in an enclosed trailer. If you’re unsure that your goods can fit in the average truck bed or container, call on our flatbed drivers for your next trucking job!

Here are some items to consider transporting via flatbed:

  • Heavy machinery such as construction equipment
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Lumber
  • Steel
  • Pipes
  • Drywall, concrete, and cement
  • Wrapped pallets of merchandise or materials

Simplified Loading and Unloading Process

If you think the process of loading a standard truck trailer is easy, you’ll be even happier to hear how simple loading and unloading flatbed trucks can be! Most flatbeds have drop decks rather than step decks, meaning that your secured cargo will be lowered to the ground so that you don’t have to unload it yourself. You also won’t have to wait for the truck to back up to the loading dock! However, if manual unloading is necessary, the process is still extremely simple. Forklifts can approach flatbed trailers from the sides as well as the back, meaning there’s no need for extensions or multiple complicated Tetris-like movements.

Are you working at a very specialized or busy jobsite? Another reason flatbed trucks can make your job easier is that they can be unloaded by crane! Let all of the machinery do the heavy lifting for you and eliminate the intermediary step of transporting the goods where they need to go.

Expedited Delivery Times

Because flatbed trucking services are so convenient, that means one important thing for your business: shortened delivery times! With the combination of speed, convenience, and security, you’ll save money and time like never before, and that means more orders are fulfilled. It also means something else BIG for your business, which is…

Happier Customers

Whether you normally rely on dry vans, box trucks, sprinters, or tractor-trailers, you’ll significantly increase customer satisfaction when you add flatbed trucks to the mix. In the era of competing with big-name shipping giants, speed and quality are of the essence. By speeding up your service while still offering the same awesome customer service experience that you already provide, you’ll win customers over every time with your prompt and careful delivery.

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