3 Things You Need to Know About Lab Delivery

Medical supplies, lab results, and other materials used by doctors belong in a league of their own when it comes to ground shipping. You can’t safely ship hundreds of vials filled with blood across state lines. That’s where Wanner’s Transportation & Delivery Services comes in — we offer expedited lab delivery shipments that give medical professionals the peace of mind they need to operate their labs and other medical facilities efficiently. Here are three things you need to know about our Lab Delivery services:

1. Lab Shipments Are Extremely Time-Sensitive

Lab shipments are considered urgent because they often contain medical results, vital lab equipment, and more — all of which are also time-sensitive. We understand that doctors can’t afford to wait five to seven business days for blood results. That’s why lab technicians in New Jersey can count on us for the same day shipping services they need to keep business running smoothly. 

2. The Cargo is Delicate

The cargo contained in lab shipments isn’t just time-sensitive — it’s also extremely fragile in many instances. Medical test results are often shipped in glass vials and other containers that could easily break if they were shipped via a traditional delivery service. That’s why it’s vital for lab technicians to hire a same day courier service in Philadelphia; the last thing they want is to open a box of shattered glass and medical waste. 

lab delivery

3. Medical Facilities Need a Dependable Delivery Service

With fragile cargo must get from point A to point B rapidly, it’s easy to imagine the shipping nightmares that medical professionals can have while waiting for their packages to arrive. Wanner’s Transportation & Delivery Services doesn’t just deliver to labs — we allow the professionals who run the lab to rest assured that their shipments will arrive on time and in one piece. 

If you work at a hospital, doctor’s office, or medical lab, you can probably relate with these notions. If you’ve ever experienced late deliveries or damaged cargo, you don’t have to put up with it any longer — contact us today to inquire about our expedited lab delivery services!