3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Offer Same-Day Delivery

In the ever-changing world of business, one of the most significant developments in the last few years has been the rise of same-day delivery. As customers increasingly expect even their local brick-and-mortar businesses to deliver instant results, many business owners could stand to take advantage of the situation by incorporating same-day delivery into their operational model.

Courtesy of Wanner’s, your source for non-stop expedited overnight delivery in Philadelphia, have a look at our list of the benefits of to be reaped from getting speedy delivery from your business.


1. Make more money

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is to raise your prices for no justifiable reason. However, many customers for all kinds of products are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. Once you know that your customer base has no problem paying more for faster service, making a reasonable price increase makes sense, making your investment in a courier service well worth it.


2. Grow your customer base

Nowadays, many big businesses offer same-day (and even one hour!) shipping, often making it tough for smaller businesses to compete.

To stay in the game, same-day delivery is a great way to maintain and grow your customer base. If you’re true to your word and impress your first-time customers with same-day shipping, you can probably count on them to buy from you the next time around. They will most likely even refer you to their friends and neighbors, growing your word-of-mouth reputation as well.


3. Lower your warehousing costs

When your products and merchandise are not fast-moving, you’re bound to incur a lot of costs in paying for warehousing. Warehousing providers will continue charging you for any merchandise that is sitting in their facilities.

However, introducing same-day delivery will keep your goods and merchandise from spending so much time in the warehouse, cutting your warehousing costs. Later, when your business begins to improve due to fast shipping, it may be possible to ship your products straight from your manufacturing or assembly facilities. In the end, you can use the cash your saved from warehousing costs to enhance other aspects of your business, such as hiring more workers.


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